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Dubai Palm Jumeriah and a Shell House in Bandra!

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Today, i bring for you some of the excellent, marvellous structures in the world. hope you all enjoy them..!

1. Palm Jumeriah, Dubai:

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island created using land reclamation by Nakheel, a company owned by the Dubai government. It is one of three islands called The Palm Islands which extend into the Persian Gulf, increasing Dubai’s shoreline by a total of 520 km.
The Palm Jumeirah is the smallest and the original of three Palm Islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira) under development by Nakheel. It is located on the Jumeirah coastal area of the emirate of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Palm Jumeirah is in the shape of a palm tree. It consists of a trunk, a crown with 16 fronds, and a surrounding crescent island that forms an 11 kilometre long breakwater.

* The island is 5 kilometres by 5 kilometres and its total area is larger than 800 football pitches. The crown is connected to the mainland by a 300-metre bridge and the crescent is connected to the top of the palm by a subsea tunnel.
* Over the next few years, as the tourism phases develop, The Palm Jumeirah is touted as soon to be one of the world’s premier resorts.
* The Palm Island is the self-declared 'Eighth Wonder of the World'.
* The island will double the length of the Dubai coastline.


Many know Palm Jumeirah as an international icon, but few realise it was created help solve Dubai's beach shortage. The Ruler of Dubai drew a sketch of a palm tree, realising its fronds would provide more beach frontage than a traditional circular island. From this insight, the idea of Palm Jumeirah was born and the trilogy of islands envisioned.


Over 20 years ago, Dubai re-engineered part of its coast, creating the world’s largest man-made port. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman of Nakheel, took his previous experience and applied it inversely to create the world’s largest man-made islands.


Yes, Every house constructed in the individual palm branch islands has a beach for them. Marvellous isn't it??

Excellent beach houses colourfully stands amidst the sea..!
Amazing view right??!


Palm Jumeirah has everything you need to enjoy a wonderful holiday break. World famous hotel names, amazing tourist attractions, luxury fashion and shopping malls are starting to open up. Whether you just want to relax or immerse yourself in an exciting world of leisure and entertainment, this is a truly inspirational holiday destination. There's a wide range of daytime activities, including water sports, aquariums, theme parks and of course miles of beautiful beaches. And at night the bars, clubs and shows will offer plenty of fun and amusement.

This is taken at the world’s tallest building ‘Burj Dubai’ @ 2620ft/801mt..! Amazing!!

Look at the edge(uppermost right corner) of the picture, you can almost see the turn of the earth.

The persons working on the uppermost girders can see the ‘Rotation of earth’!!
So terrifying..! Right??!!:)

For more updates on Palm Jumeriah visit click here.

Hope you all enjoyed a visit to Palm Jumeriah, the man-made marvel on sea..!!!


Arabic food has a unique flavour and taste. Most of the middleeast has somewhat similar food and each country has one or two special varaities of the food. In Dubai all these foods come together as one cuisine 'the Arabic Food'.

Now i bring for you the famous Hammus recipe:

Hummus bi Tahina (English: Chickpea and Sesame Dip):

Probably the most common thing that identifies that the food is indeed Arabic is the Hammus it is made with Chick Peas and Saseme Seeds known as Tahina Here is the recipe. Recipe source:

1. Chickpeas - 25g,
2. Lemon - 2 (Take the juice),
3. Sesame Seeds (Tahina in arabic) - 3 tsp,
4. Garlic cloves - 2 (crushed, add more if you like)
5. Salt - as needed.
6. Olive oil - 1 tbs,
7. Paprika - 1 tsp,
8. Parsley - a few bunch (finely chopped).

How to make this?

1. Soak the chickpeas for a few hours. Better soak in the evening and prepare in the morning.
2. Take the soaked chickpeas and cook in water until well cooked & tender. Keep the cooking water.
3. Grind the chickpeas in a blender with the lemon juice, sesame seeds, garlic, salt and enough of the cooking water you kept. Bring it to a soft creamy consistency paste.
4. Serve on a flat plate, garnished with a dribble of olive oil, a dusting of paprika and a little parsley or cilantro.

Serve with warm bread/Roti for dipping..

Try it out and enjoy..!


Sachin Tendulkar’s long-cherished dream of having his own dream home finally seems to have realised. The ace batsman purchased an old villa near Carter Road, Bandra West, in suburban Mumbai for 35 crore.

Sachin Tendulkar bought 9000 Sq Feet house in bandra area. In Bandra area real estate rate 1 Sq feet is Rs. 40,000

A complete Shell like structure to entire home even to Bedrooms and Washrooms. It is designed by architect Javier Senosiain.

Here are the individual view of the rooms in the house.. Enjoy !!

Light, colour and shape of the Shell house:

Interior Garden:

Fluidity of Space:



Poetry of Space:

The TV Room:





Amazing house right??!!:)

Hope all would have enjoyed seeing the marvellous structures!!:)
Will come back with another lovely place to discover..! Until then, enjoy blogging dears..!:)


Divya Kudua said...

Great read about Dubai..Lovely pics too.I got the pics of Sachin Tendulkar's house as a fwd mail,but is it really his house..??Strange..:)

priya said...

wow!!!...superb pics, sanghi!!....looks amazing...just like a dream world!

Preeti Kashyap said...

Lovely! I wish I could live in one of those beach houses!

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I have heard so much about Dubai..yet pay a visit but ur post really helped a lot and thanks for sharing dear..informative post

VineelaSiva said...

Very amazing pics Sanghi.I love the shell house.Those r really amazing.

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I thought I did leave a comment for this post....Anywayz...the palm island beach houses look amazing...wish I could go there!

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Wonderful pictures sanghi...enjoyed seeing those places and sachin'house amazing house...

Hema said...

The man made port of dubai is awesome.. yeah its everyones wish to have a house at beach... good info.. And as for Sachin.. why am i not surprised.. He could have done better than that with all the money they get from Ads and being a ambassador of products (Leave alone playing cricket).. And he yet doesnt want to retire, giving space for others!(No offense Sachin fans)

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Beautiful and amazing picture. I liked the shell house very much. Lovely post.

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Beautiful pictures. However I doubt if that's indeed Sachin's home.

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